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The Victoria line is a deep-level London Underground route running from the south (Zone 2) to the north-east (Zone 3) of London. It is coloured light blue on the Tube map. Unlike most other lines on the Underground, it runs entirely below ground with the exception of the connection between Seven Sisters and the line's depot at Northumberland 17 Constructed in the 1960s, it was the first entirely new tube line in London for fifty years, and was designed to relieve congestion on other lines, in particular the Piccadilly line and the West End branch of the Northern line. It has always been operated using automatic train operation, but all trains carry drivers.

The Victoria line is used by 200 million passengers each year, making it the sixth most heavily used line on the network in absolute figures, but in terms of the average number of journeys per mile it is by far the most intensively used line.

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